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    Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati Beatified in 1990 by Saint Pope John Paul II and named "The Man of the Eight Beatitudes,"
    Pier Giorgio teaches us that holiness is possible for everyone. Learn More About Blessed Frassati!
  • "I, too, in my youth, felt the beneficial influence of his example and, as a student, I was impressed by the force of his Christian testimony."

    Pope Saint John Paul II

  • Pier Giorgio Frassati was a handsome, fun-loving, athletic, courageous and devout Catholic born into a prominent Italian family. He died too soon at just 24 but has since become the model for lay people - and future popes! - all over the world.

  • When a friend asked him how he could stand the smells and the filth of the slums, he replied, "Don't ever forget that even though the house is sordid, you are approaching Christ. Around the sick, the poor, and the unfortunate, I see a particular light, a light that we do not have."

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  • Blessed Pier Giorgio's mostly hidden life of charity challenges us to resist mediocrity and climb the heights of holiness. Take the first step and join "The Pact."

  • Following in the footsteps of Blessed Frassati

    "It would be an outrage to the memory of Pier Giorgio to be enthusiastic about him without attempting to model ourselves on his example. I make this proposal to his friends and to those who have read or heard about him:  In every action let us ask ourselves, how would Pier Giorgio have behaved in my place?"

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